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Auddia Inc. Announces Launch of faidrRadio, an Exclusive Content Offering Within the faidr App

faidrRadio - an exclusive premium content offering – now available in the faidr iOS app

BOULDER, CO, Jan. 24, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NewMediaWire -- Auddia Inc. (NASDAQ:AUUD) (NASDAQ:AUUDW) ("Auddia" or the "Company"), developer of a proprietary AI platform for audio and innovative technologies for podcasts that is reinventing how consumers engage with audio, announced today that it has launched faidrRadio, an exclusive content offering within the faidr mobile app.

Delivering both curated music playlists, called Music Stations, and DJ-hosted episodic programming, called Music Casts, faidrRadio is available to all iOS users for a short time, and then will only be accessible to subscribers and users in their 30-day free trial period. Android users will have the same conditioned access to faidrRadio later in Q1. At the time of launch, faidrRadio offers seven Music Stations and 30 Music Casts, with expansion planned throughout 2023.

In the November 15, 2022 Corporate Update and Investor Call , the Company outlined its larger audio Superapp strategy, the next steps of which involve bringing exclusive content and podcasts into the faidr platform. The faidrRadio feature effectively launches the exclusive-content component of the Company’s Superapp roadmap.

In addition to the new music content channels, new features and user controls are also offered with faidrRadio.

“This is our first foray into creating and delivering exclusive content through faidr,” said Michael Lawless, CEO of Auddia. “Many of our competitors have decided to offer their exclusive content through curated playlists. In addition to expertly curated playlists, our Music Casts are unique ways to showcase not only new and established artists but also DJs that have relevant perspectives to share. We see faidrRadio as a place for users to engage with great music and compelling program hosts and as a launchpad for new voices to get mainstream exposure.”

The Company announced its Discovr program in April to give new music artists mainstream exposure to AM/FM radio listening audiences. faidrRadio will provide another mechanism for Discovr artists to be heard, through Music Casts, where Discovr artists are featured alongside recent releases from more established artists.

Auddia is currently working to launch podcasts in the app before the end of Q1 to combine differentiated ad-free listening with feature parity among the top 3 radio streaming apps available to users today. By adding podcasts (coming soon) and exclusive content (in the form of faidrRadio), the Company is on track to complete two key components of its overall audio Superapp strategy.

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About Auddia Inc.
Auddia, through its proprietary AI platform for audio identification and classification and related technologies, is reinventing how consumers engage with AM/FM radio, podcasts, and other audio content. Auddia’s flagship audio superapp, called faidr, brings two industry firsts to the audio-streaming landscape: subscription-based, ad-free listening on any AM/FM radio station and podcasts with interactive digital feeds that support deeper stories and open untapped revenue streams to podcasters. faidr also delivers exclusive content and playlists, and showcases exciting new artists, hand-picked by curators and DJs. Both differentiated offerings address large and rapidly growing audiences with strong purchase intent. For more information, visit:

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